Learning hands on

We go together through all the details of the yacht and handling it over the day and possibly during the night, as we pass on to you our practical knowledge and experience from many yacht deliveries and commercial passages. This can take place on your own boat as well as on a chartered vessel in your desired sea area. While you can decide on the number of participants you also design the intensity of the training and the costs per person. We recommend from two to four sailors plus skipper depending on the yacht for a pleasant and intense training experience not too demanding.

Yacht handling

Following a plan set up according to the duration and the weather the training will cover many different aspects of yacht cruising or racing. From weather analysis, passage planning and preparing departure we will encounter the first challenges leaving the marina. Out at sea there can be sail and manoeuvre training on different courses, under various sails and conditions as well as anchoring. A marina entrance or the approach to anchor spot in the twilight of the blue hour or after dusk may conclude the impressive day at sea, and will guarantee for a well deserved rest.

Long distance sailing

Our favourite terrain is taking you on a longer passage for one or several weeks of sailing with a minimum amount of stops. This includes a deep introduction to crew-, passage and watch planning and is what really forms a group into a team. As over several days and nights long distances pass in the wake a special rhythm awakes between the crew, the yacht and the elements. For this type of training we recommend a crew of at least 3 watch leaders, while each watch could be doubled and eased up by an additional sailor.