Our team

Qualified skippers and
ambitious sailors

The right team for a sailing journey fits the type and length of the passage, the yacht as well as the timeframe and the budget. Every project we see as unique with individual considerations. A professional skipper is accompanied by a capable co-skipper and one or several deckhands as needed.


Our masters and crews have a proven record handling and delivering different yachts in various sea areas.


Our skippers hold all relevant licenses for the journey and sea area including nautical, technical, radio and safety certifications.

Social skills

Respectful and appeciative communication and responsable leadership to us make as important qualifications as good and trustworthy seamanship.

Christian Liedmeier, founder of Hamburg Ocean

Put  your trust in us and your vessel!

Professional yachtsman since 2016 for deliveries, training and charter
Sportseeschiffer (German YM Ocean eqv. commercially endorsed), Short Range Certificate, FKN (distress signals license)
SBF Binnen, UBI (Inner waterways yachting and radio licenses)
Sailing and Power Boat instructor
Fitness- and health coach
Bachelor in socioeconomics

Raised in Hamburg on the Elbe, we were born by the river and grown in the port. My deep connection to sailing and ships began in 1980 as a kid at the lake Alster. Right from the first day of my optimist summer class in Hamburgs oldest sailing school I fell in love with the natural maritime environment and offered my service as a boat boy.

Spending my childhood and youth caring for the boats, I soon started teaching how to sail and also catching some sun and first storms on youth cutters and small yachts on the Baltic. Building up skills with longer trips between the North Sea and the Med it was time to turn this passion into a profession again in 2015. Besides planning and skippering a wide number of deliveries for a leading German Yachting Company I have skippered numerous charter trips around Hamburg and the North Sea, the Med and the Carribean for renowned sailing schools and charter companies.

Becoming independent with Hamburg Ocean since offers the precious opportunity to serve my clients even better with nautical services and yacht education. Through reliable partnerships within teams and with customers our ambition is taking our Hamburg hanseatic maritime heritage to the next level.

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