Yacht delivery

Yacht delivery driven by expertise and experience.

Hamburg Ocean is offering the professional relocation of sailing and power yachts since 2016. With our service quality being refined during every step of our operation we work on a fair and transparent basis. Giving priority to our customers needs and expectations, we live and love professional yacht services. You are welcome to participate in the delivery if you wish – being the skipper yourself and relying on our professional company or enjoying a qualified training and tuition while being part of the crew and just enjoying the passage.


Based on your project wishes we find the right delivery concept for you and dive into the planning. Every support concerning the activation or purchase of your vessel, completion of refit or repairs, checking the equipment and status of the vessel is given on a careful basis. As soon as the vessel is seaworthy for the passage and the crew is ready for the delivery, we use the suitable weather conditions to start moving towards your destination.

While at sea

Our teams intend to proceed as steadily and directly towards the destination as the conditions permit. Intermediate stops are taken when reasonable regarding fuel, fresh provisioning or the weather situation. Progressing under sails as far as possible, the engine will be used when necessary in times of low wind or to support sailing. Delivering power vessels the speed and fuel consumption can be adjusted to favourable usage of the engines, sea conditions and desired time and budget goals. Safety of the crew and the vessel are always the top priority. By constant advisory and cooperation with our backoffice our teams are supported for the fastest route at sea while maintaining their best forces and minimizing fatigue. Our clients are regularly updated about the current status of progress of the delivery.

At arrival:

When firmly tied in the marina, the yacht will be handed to her owner or left as agreed in her best condition. Our crew will provide you with a report on all important details of the passage and the status of the vessel. Further measures or cooperation with service providers, the marina or local authorities are organized and initiated as desired by the client. The new owner’s introduction or tuition about the yacht is often favourable and will happily be offered by our skippers.